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Monday, August 1

New Blog

Okay I think I'm officially moving to a new blog. At least until I don't like it anymore LOL.

So here is the link

See you there hopefully

Friday, July 29


Well I started my first HAED this week as I might have shown some excitement about LOL. Today I finished my first 1,000 stitches. Now this design has 209,250 total so I'm not even close to done. I can't believe how small 1,000 stitch could look over 1. I still love working on it though. It amazes me the detail.

Here is the original artwork done by Linda Ravenscroft

Here is my first 1,000 stitches

Tomorrow I have a stitch in with my local stitching group. So hopefully I will get even more done. Thanks for looking. :)

Monday, July 25

Another Busy Weekend

Friday was our nite out at the Allen County Fair. They have a lovely fish and tenderloin fry. So Fred, Jeremiah and me went out together. After eating we took a quick look at the cross stitch entries. I should really enter something. I would probably win LOL. There isn't very many entries at all. Then outside of the building they had pony rides. So little cowboy got to ride a pony again. Jeremiah is getting really good at it. They have proven that something about the way a horse moves is great for cerebral palsy children. It helps them gain balance and massages the leg muscles. Then we went around to the rides. Jeremiah played a balloon pop game, a duck pond, and a fishing game. So he won lots of great things. Then he rode a tank ride and a train. Now this is when it gets funny. Jeremiah has been talking about bumper cars for the past couple weeks. I was trying to figure out if we could afford to go to a small amusment park here in Indiana so he could ride them. Well at the fair for the first time I've ever seen they had bumper cars. So much to Jeremiah's excitement he got to ride bumper cars. He rode in the one with me and Fred rode in a different one. Jeremiah was giggling so hard that everyone watching was laughing too. You could definately tell he was happy.

Then we went to the demolition derby. It was a blast. They weren't running it very well this year was the only problem. They should have wet the track down a lot more. So it was almost dangerous. One car flipped totally up on it's driver's side. The driver was fine. 5 guys flipped it back over and it started right up. We got lots of mud flipped at us and Jeremiah thought that was too funny.

Saturday we spent the day visiting my dad. It actually went good. No personal attacks or anything.

Sunday was a day to rest. I was so tired. Plus it was HOT. We had heat warning with heat indexes in the 110 mark. Fred got a new gadget that does a radio thingy over the computer thingy LOL so basically he stole the computer the WHOLE day. So I worked on my hardanger getting ready for my class today. I really love working on it. Cici even gave me an A+ on my work so far. So Jeremiah gave me a $1 for getting a good report card haha.

So today was my 2nd hardanger class. We actually cut the fabric today. It was scary at first definately but I love the look of it. I can't believe how it goes so smoothly once you get started. I've seen several designs that I know I can do now. There was this one that made a beautiful picture frame. I also kitted up my HAED. So today I've been winding the thread on bobbins. I can tell you it takes FOREVER to do 50 threads onto bobbins. I might get to start stitching tomorrow. I'm excited...but NERVOUS. Okay well there is my check in. See I was busy. :)

Thursday, July 21

July Block Picture

Here is my block for ILCS this month. The theme was Garden Gates. This is pretty close....LOL It's a garden fence at least.

I decided not to do one for CSE. I feel horrible but Hey sometimes it just doesn't call to me. LOL Or I'm too busy doing other things. I want to work on my hardanger. I want to work on my HAED LOL. I am so addicted. I can't buy the fabric till Monday so I will have to wait but I doubt I will have much stitching time this weekend anyway.

My mom's side of the family is falling apart. One of my uncles said a bunch of horrible stuff about my mom last night to her. Broke her heart of course. He is such a jerk. He actually had the extreme stupidity to tell mom she can spend all day every day with my grandparents because.....she doesn't have job. Now he has his own construction business so he should respect that my mom has her own business too. Makes me violent. I guess I always thought that if something happened to my grandparents the family would fall apart but I really thought it would at least wait until they were both gone. This whole thing will only bother my grandmother and make her sad. Now what is that accomplishing. I love family but I HATE family problems. My other uncle is trying hard still to be more involved with us. I seriously think he is realizing what he has missed in his life. I give up trying to figure it all out.

Wednesday, July 20

Stitcher's Blog Question

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" is:

Have you ever done a color conversion? If so, what did you think about
your results and would you do it again? If not, would you like to try

No I haven't. I have a few friends that are great at this though. If I am lucky enough to have them with me I can change colors to things. I'm a very weird follower of written instructions LOL. Now I do small small changes on my things like block swaps to save time. Like maybe take out the shading and just keep the same color. No big deal but hey I guess it's a start LOL.

Monday, July 18

I'm Alive!

Yep believe it or not I'm still alive. LOL Just been so busy I haven't been updating my blog. Jeremiah goes back to school on Aug 22nd so we are spending everyday together. Trying to get all the fun in now haha.

Yesterday I finished stitching a model so now I have no models again. I'm glad. Now I can get some me stitching done. In my last post here I was talking about HAED. I was chatting with a lady on the HAED board. Come to find out she is the one who designs all the art into charts. So she emailed me a free chart! Can you believe it? It's an adorable mermaid with some dolphins. I can't wait to start it. I am making myself wait though haha. I started a Hardanger class and I have homework to do. I also have 2 blocks to stitch. I think I will start the blocks today and then finish up my homework when I finish them. I have my next Hardanger class on Mon July 25th. So I better hurry and get that homework done too LOL. See I'm busy!

My grandparents (mom's side) decided to move out of their house. It's killing my mom and me. They have this beautiful log cabin on a lake that my grandfather built like 40 years ago. It's so sad to see them giving it up. It's ALOT of work though taking care of 22 acres so I do understand. They are going to move to a retirement home. It worries me cause I don't want them to give up life. I feel weird about the whole thing. I love this place. I got married in the front yard for crying out loud if that shows how much I love that place. It will be weird to have someone else living there. What if I want to go back there and stand in the yard. *sigh* Oh Well nothing is forever. I hate that.

Saturday, July 9


Okay I have no idea where time went this week. I do know that we just got home from watching Batman Begins. It was excellent. I love how they tied in everything. It really makes you think they made this before the other movies. Very well done. I did figure something out though....Batman is a slut! He is with a different woman every movie LOL. Last night we went to a tractor pull. It was a lot of fun. We was going to go tonite too but decided our butts still hurt from Friday sitting in the bleachers. We are going tomorrow cause they are having a demoltion derby. I love watching those.

I'm going crazy about cross stitching LOL. These stupid Heaven and Earth designs are driving me nuts. I want to stitch them ALL! They are so beautiful. Then today I was looking at just one of the artists website and want some of her prints so bad it hurts. So Fred said he will see what he can do for xmas. I told him I won't be happy till they are on my wall! LOL There is this one of a little mermaid girl I want to do. It has beautiful dolphins in it also so it fits in my home. Petra just got one and we figured out if she does a 100 stitches a day it could take 7 years to finish it. Now that's crazy LOL. There is at least 10-20 I want to do. I don't have enough life to stitch them all. Let alone all the other stuff I want to stitch as well. Stoney Creek came out with a new one that looks a lot like Noah's Sub called Fish City. Of course I would love to do it too. See I'm crazy?!?! Just shoot me and take me out of my misery.

Well I hope I remember to update.